Alright $DGB peeps, who has the Go wallet installed?
Can you please let me know if you still have problems?
If you're running into issues, please check your Service URL is set to:
We're still doing a bunch more behind the scenes, so stay tuned...

Todays Update looks at a nice review by Decrypt Media about $DGB, our 6th anniversary next week, and a little discussion around Algo replacement with
Check it out:
If you're around Auckland on the 11th Jan @ 11AM, we'll be meeting at Goode Brothers (Westgate) to celebrate the :DigiByte: anniversary !

Todays Update, we hit the 150th episode mark!

We look at:
* 6th anniversary livestream with
Jared Tate

* Auckland meetup by Rod Mudgway

* Interview from Crypto Mug Investors with Jared Tate

* Support from BlackMiner

* Giveaway from Fate Knocks, Vertbase, Digi Shrimp + Crab Farm, and AcceptCryptoz

* Video with Kurt Wuckert Jr

Check it out:

And hit the notification button for tomorrows LiveStream on this link:

Just checking in> I will be posting here more often> I like it here :DigiByte:

This video by Exodus Wallet is *fantastic* and brilliantly, clearly and concisely explains why you and the rest of the community should partitipate in the January 3rd movement.

About to go LIVE for todays daily Update video
Doing an unboxing video of the SafePal wallet, as well as looking at and DigiCafe updates. Come join me and say hi in the live-chat 😎

Happy New Year! 2020!! πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ† This will be DigiBytes year!

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