Alright $DGB peeps, who has the Go wallet installed?
Can you please let me know if you still have problems?
If you're running into issues, please check your Service URL is set to:
We're still doing a bunch more behind the scenes, so stay tuned...

It's actually been a little over 2 hours, but, we're almost half way already so thankyou everyone for the generous donations so far!
I've had a chat with a developer who's tentatively able to take a week or two off their day job to do this for us so we are all Go! 😎

Crypto birb Link says he misses hanging out, so I brought him up today to sit on my wifeys PC chair.
Anyways, been super busy this week with work (boo!) and getting things setup for , but the update videos will be back real soon, with more goodness than ever!

2 years ago today on CoinMarketCap... That's a LOT of red πŸ˜…
Guess number go up, number go down, real quick 🀯

Come join me in the chat as I'm going LIVE in 2 minutes to check out the D'CENT Biometric Hardware Wallet in todays update:

I also look at CoinDeal exchange listing for $DGB :DigiByte:

Going *live* in <1hr with DigiByte Founder, Jared Tate, Lead Android Developer Noah Seidman , hopefully with a visit from DGBAT Founder Rudy Bouwman too, as we celebrate 6 years of 🀯
Go $DGB ! πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‚ :DigiByte:
You can get notified once we're live, then join us in the live chat + say hi during the stream:

Todays Update looks at our 6th anniversary coming up, and yesterdays follow-up SafePal S1 video. Please feel free to use the attached image for any celebration / promotions for the upcoming anniversary
Check out the DigiByte Update:

Sharing these here first, before anywhere else, just coz I think it's cool to have some nice unique reasons to be checking in here etc 😎
We have the 6th anniversary next weekend.
I was talking with my wife and she whipped these up which I thought was really nice of her to do (especially coz she's not interested in cryptocurrency / blockchain in the slightest).
You're free to use them for whatever promotion you'd like to do over the coming week and beyond. Let's celebrate! :DigiByte:

Alrighty then, so my goals for 2020:
* More livestreams, I think they're great, raw, off-the-cuff, and usually a lot of fun
* 300 videos, but quality, not just little shitty ones for the sake of it. That's 6 per-week. Totally doable!
* 30 unique videos for, I want it to be worth checking in here even if people aren't doing it multiple times daily like they might with FB or Twitter
And also trying to foster more genuine discussion in general around blockchain :)

I want my first non-Admin related toot to be about the fact that recently crossed over the 10,000,000 block mark! 😍
10 million blocks!

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