Todays update is a bit of a thank you, and a look at why I think this new website is going to be special. So here's to those who make artwork, write articles, podcasts, reach out to exchanges, help businesses, and more!
Check it out:

@digisphere Yeah man, it's fucking hard either way. That was why I was so happy for us to give to David Haye, he knew what it was like there having been there first-hand with family living there himself, and he was able to give our first donation to those who needed it most. Super proud of the DigiByte community!

Todays update is a little late (Plus I skipped yesterday, shhh don't tell anybody) but it's been a long week, whatever, here we go!
So, $DGB Core 8.19 info on tx-fees, @DGB_Foundation taking donations & they have partnered with @SafeHavenio ! 😎

Todays Update video looks at yesterdays DigiByte & Friends with Mike Aldy , the Go Wallet dev update, and some of the history with humanitarian efforts that I'm hoping we can reinvigorate in 2020:

New and Friends with @DGBSoCal , as we talk and Mike's experience with using it in business, and as a platform to create, promote and market content on / for DigiByte 😎 Check it out:

Here's a short, hopefully easy-to-understand presentation on Schnorr signatures, why you should care, why has not used them before (History), and what cool things could they be useful for in the future?

Todays Update looks at the $DGB Go Wallet progress since we raised the bounty, along with where-to from here 😎

Todays update 159 is a brief introduction to signatures for $DGB, as the BIP's are now up for . I also talk a little about MimbleWimble, privacy, and explain the numbering scheme that gives us DigiByte version 8!
Check it out

@digisphere Yeah you're totally right, it's a shame it takes *so* long and yet people also still seem so set on that. DigiByte was originally 60 seconds, then 30, now 15, and even still it could end up being like 12 seconds... So I don't see why "the way it was is the way it must always be".

In todays update, we get tweeted at from @AtomicWallet & @exodus_io , I look at a blockchain explorer, resize some windows, and then show a screenshot that I possibly shouldn't (yet) 🀣

Todays update looks at what's happening with the start of $DGB 8.19 repo on GitHub, Poloniex de-listing DigiByte (PLEASE take your DGB off there ASAP! You have ~36hrs...!), and I look at wallets, such as Go Wallet, following the dev bounty. 😎

Alright $DGB peeps, who has the Go wallet installed?
Can you please let me know if you still have problems?
If you're running into issues, please check your Service URL is set to:
We're still doing a bunch more behind the scenes, so stay tuned...

About to go LIVE for todays update on YouTube and check out the new Bitfi.2 wallet! Come join me in the chat and say hi πŸ™‚

Hot topic for the last 48 hours: Adding block rewards to $DGB that go to a dev-fund. I talk about it in todays update. After discussing this with the devs, they're still confident that (while it would be nice), the answer remains "no thanks".
Working on getting back in-to these videos after setting up my PC again, goal for 2020 is to do more "quality" topics for the DigiByte update, rather than super-duper short ones. Please bear with me while I find my groove

Less than 24hrs & we've raised 280k DGB 😎
Only 70k $DGB to go to the ideal goal πŸ‘
Have a CoPay wallet expert (What Go is based on) happy to help us. Would love to see us go a little over the goal though to put some DGB in to Core improvements too πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
Any amount helps !
If you want to donate (no obligation) please do, it's very graciously received. Details here:

It's actually been a little over 2 hours, but, we're almost half way already so thankyou everyone for the generous donations so far!
I've had a chat with a developer who's tentatively able to take a week or two off their day job to do this for us so we are all Go! 😎

Alright $DGB community, let's come together & raise some $ so we can improve the Go wallet, for easy MultiSig, as well as Android & iOS apps (Including DigiAssets + new DAP-prefix). 😍
I've just put in the first 15k DGB, who else will join me?

Crypto birb Link says he misses hanging out, so I brought him up today to sit on my wifeys PC chair.
Anyways, been super busy this week with work (boo!) and getting things setup for , but the update videos will be back real soon, with more goodness than ever!

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