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@Morpheus Can you please email, and they'll help you get the prize from the LiveStream

Todays Update looks at a follow-on from the $DGB 6th anniversary, we have our winners, and a first look at DigiByte.TV!
Thanks again
to DigiSC Farm, AcceptCryptoz, Vertbase, & FateKnocks Crypto Shop for the giveaway!
Check it out:

Going *live* in <1hr with DigiByte Founder, Jared Tate, Lead Android Developer Noah Seidman , hopefully with a visit from DGBAT Founder Rudy Bouwman too, as we celebrate 6 years of 🤯
Go $DGB ! 😎🎂 :DigiByte:
You can get notified once we're live, then join us in the live chat + say hi during the stream:

This matches what we've seen on that there's a ton of wash trading. It's sad that is one of only a handful under 10% wash-traded (Currently around 2.5%). So much "fake liquidity"... :(

Todays Update, we hit the 150th episode mark!

We look at:
* 6th anniversary livestream with
Jared Tate

* Auckland meetup by Rod Mudgway

* Interview from Crypto Mug Investors with Jared Tate

* Support from BlackMiner

* Giveaway from Fate Knocks, Vertbase, Digi Shrimp + Crab Farm, and AcceptCryptoz

* Video with Kurt Wuckert Jr

Check it out:

And hit the notification button for tomorrows LiveStream on this link:

The video you were waiting for , big thank you to Kurt Wuckert Jr. for looking in to "Why *not* to do an algo upgrade in 2020 for !"
Go have a watch if you want to hear some interesting arguments both for and against:

You've asked for it, here's a non-techie breakdown from me, a table of Pros v Cons of certain upgrade paths / actions for to take regarding an Algo upgrade!
You can see why I'm keen on ProgPoW, but check out the list + let me know your thoughts:

Todays Update looks at a nice review by Decrypt Media about $DGB, our 6th anniversary next week, and a little discussion around Algo replacement with
Check it out:
If you're around Auckland on the 11th Jan @ 11AM, we'll be meeting at Goode Brothers (Westgate) to celebrate the :DigiByte: anniversary !

From my perspective, 2020 is going to be the year that many more projects die off, regulatory cleanup will occur and the strong, ethical projects will rise. $DGB is already rocking with it's community, use cases and staying true to Satoshi's vision! As a member of the community, how does it make you feel that you are part of something so special? 🤩

Who in the community can make videos tailored for TikTok? I think it's an avenue we should explore for exposure.

I've just published my thoughts on algorithm swap for , which I hope will happen this year. Here's why I'm behind it + why I think it's the best thing we can do right now:
Vote in this informal / non-binding poll on which algo to replace in the next :DigiByte: upgrade

Just a heads up, the fiat values in Android & iOS wallets should now be fixed the next time you relaunch the app. If you're still having issues, give me a shout and we can troubleshoot. Now pulling $ value from other sources 👍

In 6 days, will be 6 years old! Share your experiences of what you were doing when $DGB first started! Have a great day!

Todays Update looks at our 6th anniversary coming up, and yesterdays follow-up SafePal S1 video. Please feel free to use the attached image for any celebration / promotions for the upcoming anniversary
Check out the DigiByte Update:

Sharing these here first, before anywhere else, just coz I think it's cool to have some nice unique reasons to be checking in here etc 😎
We have the 6th anniversary next weekend.
I was talking with my wife and she whipped these up which I thought was really nice of her to do (especially coz she's not interested in cryptocurrency / blockchain in the slightest).
You're free to use them for whatever promotion you'd like to do over the coming week and beyond. Let's celebrate! :DigiByte:

This is my follow-up review of the SafePal S1 hardware wallet.
The team was super helpful with my earlier issue (Even on a Saturday), great to see. Bit of a bummer that it happened, but I cover off the details in the video.
So a big thank you again to SafePal for supporting on your platform!
Check out my thoughts on the wallet:
(This is *not* sponsored in any way)

About to go LIVE for todays daily Update video
Doing an unboxing video of the SafePal wallet, as well as looking at and DigiCafe updates. Come join me and say hi in the live-chat 😎

Good day to all of you! How do you plan on spreading the word of today?

This is something that I see all too often. Usually it's from people shilling an inferior blockchain and they simply don't want people being informed about that inferiority. Other times it's outright scams. Or the best case we've seen is when Jared explained to so many that TRX was centralized and Poloniex (+ others) didn't like that... Because they don't want you to know the truth. Well, truth is you need *true* decentralization, not some washed down emulation...

This video by Exodus Wallet is *fantastic* and brilliantly, clearly and concisely explains why you and the rest of the community should partitipate in the January 3rd movement.

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