Create a Community Handle for your community

Want a custom community handle for your community, like,, or Follow these steps to get one.


Buy a domain

Buy a domain from a domain registrar. We use Namecheap, but it doesn't matter which one you use. Just make sure you are able to change where you point the nameservers.


Host the Community Handles tool

You then need to host the tool. You have two options - either use our hosted version, or host it yourself.

Already a customer? Go to the billing portal.

If you use our hosted version, we'll work with you to point the nameservers at the right place, then take care of everything else.

If you want to host it yourself, fork the project on GitHub. It's a Next.js project, so you can deploy it however you like. Check out the README for the recommended solution, using Vercel and Vercel KV.